Unit 2: The HIV Program

Clinicians are trained to:

• Conduct an initial medical evaluation of a new HIV-positive patient.
• Use CD4 cell counts and WHO Clinical Staging to determine if ART should be started.
• Choose an appropriate ART regimen and initiate cotrimoxazole prophylaxis.
• Conduct monitoring visits for patients on ART and not yet on ART, and describe the monitoring visit schedule.
• Evaluate patient adherence to ART and describe strategies for increasing adherence to ART and clinic visits.
• Monitor a patient’s response to ART.
• Identify and manage side effects caused by antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).
• Complete enrollment, follow-up, and summary forms accurately.

This unit contains approximately 14 hours of training sessions.

Publication Name
Facilitator Manual
Facilitator Manual: contains all of the information needed to carry out the training, including preparation and material lists, step-by-step instructions for leading training sessions, pre- and post-tests, and all content from the Participant Handbook.
Publication Name
Participant Manual
Participant Handbook: contains all of the content that participants are trained on (text and illustrations) and also any case studies, scenarios, small group discussion questions, or role plays needed for training sessions. Participants use the handbook during training sessions and afterwards for review.