Unit 4: A Comprehensive Approach to the Management of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Clinicians are trained to:
• Screen every HIV patient for STIs and risky sexual behaviors, and test every patient with an STI for HIV.
• Integrate education and prevention into every STI or HIV patient visit.
• Develop partner notification and treatment plans with STI patients using the full clinical team including nurse, doctor, community health worker, and social worker.
• Recognize STI syndromes including vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain in women, urethral discharge and scrotal pain and swelling in men, genital lesions in men and women, and conjunctivitis in newborns.
• Use the eight clinical algorithms on STI syndromes to diagnose, treat, and educate the patient.
• Explain how to adapt diagnosis and treatment plans for pregnant patients and newborns infected with STIs.

This unit contains approximately 15 hours of training sessions.

Publication Name
Facilitator Manual
Facilitator Manual: contains all of the information needed to carry out the training, including preparation and material lists, step-by-step instructions for leading training sessions, pre- and post-tests, and all content from the Participant Handbook.
Publication Name
Participant Handbook
Participant Handbook: contains all of the content that participants are trained on (text and illustrations) and also any case studies, scenarios, small group discussion questions, or role plays needed for training sessions. Participants use the handbook during training sessions and afterwards for review.