Activist standing outside city hall, demanding healthcare for all

PIH United States

Partners In Health United States is on a mission to advance health equity in the U.S. by accompanying local leaders to build strong, community-led health systems. 

As a country, the U.S. has consistently de-prioritized and under-invested in public health, primary care, and the broader social and economic factors that drive health outcomes. Our national health system fails to protect the right to health for all, resulting in stark health inequities felt most acutely by people of color and rural communities.  

Drawing on expertise from three decades of fighting infectious diseases around the world, PIH launched its U.S. work in May 2020 to respond to a discrete and urgent need: Controlling the spread of COVID-19. Now, we are partnering with public health and community leaders to lay the groundwork for resilient community health systems across the country. PIH-US is working to strengthen public health programs and advance policies that, like our global work, are driven by local leadership in response to a community’s needs. This experience drives our state and federal advocacy for investment in public health infrastructure that seeks to dismantle structures of oppression.  

Alongside our partners, we are reimagining U.S. health and social systems to better serve communities who have been systematically excluded from care and resources. Together, we are building stronger public health infrastructure, a more robust community health workforce, and a more just health system overall.


Please send donations to: Partners In Health, PO Box 996, Frederick, MD 21705-9942