Activist standing outside city hall, demanding healthcare for all

PIH United States


COVID-19 exposed and exacerbated the deep, long-standing health inequities in the United States fueled by a history of structural racism and economic oppression. The work of improving health in this country must begin in service to the communities that have long suffered from deeply embedded inequities, discrimination, and systemic racism.

Partners In Health United States is the U.S. arm of Partners In Health, a nonprofit, social justice organization striving to make health a human right for all people, starting with those who need it the most. We launched in May 2020 as the U.S. Public Health Accompaniment Unit in response to requests by states, cities and communities for help in building their COVID-19 contact tracing programs. Since then, we have helped unite a network of public health professionals, policymakers, community leaders, health workers and donors who share a vision: the radical transformation of U.S. health and social systems. 

PIH-US draws on PIH’s expertise from three decades of fighting infectious diseases around the world — including tuberculosis in Peru, cholera in Haiti, and Ebola in Liberia — to provide advisory services and resources to systematically oppressed communities in the U.S. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with public health departments and community organizations to advance their long-term visions for healthier communities and more just systems. We provide technical advising and distill evidence and experiences to unlock resources, advance policy change at the local, state and federal levels in support of stronger community health systems across the nation.

Ensuring a Comprehensive Public Health Response to COVID-19

From Navajo Nation to Newark, New Jersey, PIH-US has focused on serving under-resourced communities of color, migrant workers and Indigenous communities. Our goals are clear:


Stop COVID-19 from devastating vulnerable communities.


Implement tactical solutions to emerge from COVID-19 stronger.


Transform community health systems and amplify the movement for health as a human right.


Our work is both pragmatic and aspirational, driven by our core values. We strive for justice; accompany our partners with first-class technical guidance and nimble operational problem-solving; enliven new and ambitious public health agendas around the country; work to dismantle systemic racism in the health system; amplify voices and lessons from communities where we work to influence broader national change; and combat failures of moral imagination. 

This broad vision will help stop COVID-19 in the short term, while creating stronger, more accessible and just community health systems well into the future.