Envisioning a 21st century public health ecosystem

We’re partnering with the Pima County Health Department (PCHD) and local community-based organizations to improve health outcomes by building an equity-driven, community-centered health system that prioritizes marginalized and oppressed populations, restores trust in the critical role of public health, and expands access to primary care and social support services—all with the ultimate goal of supporting Pima County to become one of the healthiest counties in the United States by 2030.

Serving as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to the health department, our efforts include helping to establish new cross-sectoral teams that drive more coordinated health equity programs, identify and track key health indicators, and increase community engagement and collaboration with Tribal Nations. We’re also assisting the health department to democratize data—ensuring information is collected and reported in a standardized and transparent manner, disseminated and accessible to all community members, and leveraged to drive decision-making.

Historic Pima County courthouse

Historic Pima County courthouse in downtown Tucson, Arizona. Photo via Getty Images
Alongside our partners, PIH-US:

team of peopleEstablished data, policy, and health equity teams within the Pima County Health Department to improve coordination, build capacity, and strengthen evidence-based decision-making.

landscape analysis iconConducted a landscape analysis to inform long-term health equity goals and provide Pima County Health Department leadership with recommendations for identifying metrics, benchmarks, and indices.

data iconLaunched the Pima County Indigenous Health Equity Coalition with Tucson Indian Center to oversee the development of the first-ever Native-led and owned data ecosystem to improve access to primary care and social support services for Indigenous community members.

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