Our Most-Read, Watched, and Shared Posts of 2022

The blog stories, social posts, and videos that highlight a year of loss, emergency response, and advocacy

Posted on Dec 2, 2022

Dr. Paul Farmer smiling and sitting with a child sitting in his lap
Dr. Paul Farmer visits Ebola survivor Yabom Koroma and her family at their home in the Mountain Court section of Freetown, Sierra Leone in December 2015. Photo by Jon Lascher / PIH

In February 2022, Partners In Health’s (PIH) Co-founder and Chief Strategist Dr. Paul Farmer unexpectedly passed away. PIHers and individuals around the world mourned his loss and reflected on his commitment to delivering justice through health care, a movement he and others started more than 30 years ago that continues to save millions of lives today. Unsurprisingly, many of our most-read stories and social posts discussed Paul’s legacy. 

PIH supporters were also curious to learn more about our health care facilities and how we respond to emergencies, including natural disasters and cholera outbreaks in Haiti and Malawi. That curiosity extended beyond clinical work and to our advocacy efforts. From gender equity to systemic change, supporters wanted to know how to advance health care as a human right.

Below are our most-read stories, social posts, and videos published in 2022.

Dr. Paul Farmer

1. Remembering Dr. Paul Farmer

Paul passed away from an acute cardiac event on February 21. He is survived by his wife, Didi Bertrand, and their three children. Read more.

2. Watch: Dr. Paul Farmer's Memorial Service

The two-hour memorial service took place at Trinity Church in Copley Square in Boston, Mass., where Paul began his medical school journey and co-founded PIH. More than 600 people gathered that day to mourn and thousands more joined virtually, from Rwanda to Peru. View more.

3. Watch: Dr. Paul Farmer Tribute Video

PIH shared a tribute video with archival photos and videos of Paul during the March 12 memorial service at Trinity Church in Boston. Watch the video.

4. Photo Essay: Dr. Paul Farmer's Journey with Partners In Health

A glimpse of Paul’s more than 30 years treating patients, educating clinicians, and changing global health policy. Read more.

5. 5 Quotes from Dr. Paul Farmer that Inspire Us

These five quotes are a sample of the wealth of knowledge and insights Paul shared with all of us, captured in books, speeches, and conversations throughout his life. Read more.

health care worker gives child cholera vaccine
Dorothy Sinkhani receives a cholera vaccination from Laswel Kalawang’oma, health surveillance assistant, at Dambe Health Centre in rural Malawi. Photo by Janet Mbwadzulu / PIH

Global Work

6. With Instability in Haiti, Doors Remain Open at PIH Facilities

Not only is Zanmi Lasante (ZL), PIH’s sister organization in Haiti, providing essential services in the midst of a crisis, it also continues to strengthen health systems overall through its medical training programs. The internationally accredited Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais’s  residency programs in 11 specialties graduate more clinicians every year, the majority of whom remain in Haiti to work. Read more.

7. Watch: Cange Declaration (Bending The Arc Excerpt)

In this clip from the documentary Bending the Arc, PIH Co-founder Dr. Paul Farmer reacts to archival footage of Haitians living with HIV--among them his former patients--reading aloud the Cange Declaration, a manifesto they wrote imploring world leaders to provide equitable access to antiretroviral treatment. Watch the video.

8. A New Cholera Outbreak Emerges in Haiti

ZL has been distributing food and hygiene supplies to staff and trying to procure fuel to keep medical facilities running. The team is also working with international partners to rapidly distribute essential supplies to respond to cholera, which reemerged in Haiti in October. To date, not one ZL facility has closed or been forced to stop caring for patients throughout the region as the number of people affected continues to climb. Read more.

9. Cyclone Rips Through Malawi Inflicting Massive Damage on Clinics, Homes

Abwenzi Pa Za Umoyo (APZU), as PIH is known in Malawi, reached at least 2,800 people affected by a powerful cyclone that swept through the country’s south in January and delivered emergency packages across Neno District, where APZU focuses its work. Read more.

10. Cholera Outbreak Spreads Through Southern Malawi

Following an outbreak of cholera in March, APZU continues to fill medical and other gaps, for instance, by helping to procure more treatment and test kits and mobilizing a cholera vaccination plan. This is not new for PIH: successful cholera vaccination campaigns were launched previously in Sierra Leone and Haiti. Read more.

11. Watch: Kayima Community Health Center

Take a look inside Kayima Community Health Center, a clinic serving one of the largest communities in rural Kono District, Sierra Leone. The center is among a handful of PIH-supported facilities in the eastern region that are undergoing renovation and quality improvement projects to boost patient care, especially for mothers and children. Watch the video.

12. The Promise of Butaro District Hospital: Key Facility Meets Growing Demand, Need for Expansion

PIH and the Rwandan government broke ground on the next phase of growth for PIH-supported Butaro District Hospital. The ambitious, multi-year construction project is set to expand the hospital, located in northern Burera District, from 150 to 240 beds and further establish it as a leading medical institution and teaching hospital in the region, linked to the neighboring University of Global Health Equity. The facility provides thousands of people access to primary care and specialized services, such as oncology. Watch the video.

Dr. Joel Mubiligi with patients
Dr. Joel Mubiligi (center), executive director of Inshuti Mu Buzima, health care workers, and patients at Butaro District Hospital in Rwanda in June 2022. Photo by Pacifique Mugemana / PIH

United States

13. Repeal of Roe v. Wade

In June, the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. PIH stands firmly behind women’s autonomy as a core principle of health equity. Read more.

14. Watch: PIH Chief Medical Officer Delivers Commencement Speech

Dr. Joia Mukherjee delivered an inspiring commencement address at the University of Michigan Medical School. She talked to future doctors about her personal experiences, her hope for the future, and the work PIH has done. Watch the video.



15. International Day of the Girl

PIH is proud to join other organizations around the world to celebrate International Day of the Girl in October. This year's theme —"Our time is now—our rights, our future"—reminds us that gender equity is ongoing work. Read artist, producer, activist, and PIH supporter Rosario Dawson’s statement.

16. Tipping the Scales of Justice, Presented by PIH

Moderated by PIH Co-founder Ophelia Dahl, a panel of powerful activists discuss modern day activism, the role of social media, and the importance of going beyond social platforms to create systemic change. Watch the video.

5 Reasons to Support PIH

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Dr. Paul Farmer sharing a friendly moment with one of his staff.

Paul's Promise

As we mourn the passing of our beloved Dr. Paul Farmer, we also honor his life and legacy.

PIH Founders - Jim Kim, Ophelia Dahl, Paul Farmer

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